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All flights are leading to London as UK based swimwear remains ‘Away That Day’! We suit up with Ingemae, need-to-know designer and founder of Away That Day swimwear, to talk Summer destinations and statement-making details.

By Heather Marie Combs

This new line of swimwear is turning the tide with sultry, minimalistic style and that always first-wear fit. With sustainability at its forefront, Ingemae landed on ECONYL Regenerated Nylon Fabric to make each and every piece of Away That Day swim. “As well as the fabric, we use compostable mailing bags and 100% eco-friendly tissue paper for wrapping (by a company called ‘No Issue’) which I feel incredibly proud of. For me, it’s not only about my brand using sustainable fabrics, but it’s also important to support the companies that are offering sustainable solutions to fashion houses all over the world.” As if that wasn’t enough, “Each piece is designed with a unique feature to flatter the female figure. The mission is simple: to create fashionable swimwear that you can actually swim in too. I want there to be a ‘feel good’ piece for everyone,” shared Ingemae.

Launching the company in 2018, this designer actually began her journey a few years ago. Jotting down designs before bed, she planned and perfected each style with years of research before launching her first collection last year with the help of her best friend and now creative director, Rex Adams. “The name ‘AWAY THAT DAY’ wasn’t the original name for the brand, but during the designing process I was also working in a bar to fund my travels. When my boss would ask me if I could work a particular shift, I would more often than not reply, ‘Sorry, I’m away that day’. It became an ongoing joke that I was the ‘away that day’ girl… the rest is history,” heartened the bikini bombshell. “It also embodies traveling and being ‘away’ in the sun, which is what I live for!”

Born in South Africa, Ingemae took to London at the age of ten, but the call of travel took her far and wide. “I began traveling the world and immersing myself in other cultures which is what inspired me to design my own swimwear line. When I realized this is what I wanted to do, I made a conscious decision to stop traveling so much and save up money to invest in a business. My support team is everything and even though I run the company and design the swimsuits, none of what I have achieved would be possible without my friends, family, all the gorgeous models, photographers, stylists, makeup artists, etc. – They have all contributed to a growing swimwear brand,” shared the young designer with heartfelt gratitude.

Inspired by literally anything and everything, this UK swimwear savant took to design while traveling to hot destinations and in need of swimwear. “I came up against a few issues when searching for swimwear - A lot of bikinis didn’t fit me properly because of batch (industry standard) shapes and cuts. I also found the quality and what I was paying for bikinis wasn’t matching and the fabrics would fade or lose its shape too easily after a couple of wears. The luxury swimwear brands were out of my price bracket, so I wanted to design an amazing quality swimwear brand with an affordable price tag.”

“I feel that the UK tends to focus more on the mature age group because in order to buy swimwear when living in the UK, you have to have the money and option to travel abroad. I also found the fabrics and designs were all very conservative when I was searching for my holiday swims. The swimwear in the US and Australia is more a part of their everyday lifestyle and therefore targeted to all age groups. Bringing a taste of those international trends to the UK is definitely a goal of mine in the designing process,” exposed Ingemae. Let’s dive a little deeper!


Ask Ingemae:

Where is your go to destination to bask in the sun in your favorite Away That Day swimsuit?

Oh my, this one is tough! I love Europe; there is something so wonderful about it having a multitude of hidden gems, with such rich cultures, on my very own doorstep. You need to travel just a few hours to feel as though you’re in a whole other world. Australia feeds me with passion for my designs though, I’ve not yet been but that would be a dream destination for the Away That Day team.


What is your favorite Away That Day piece?

My favourite new piece has to be the ‘Sorrento’ top. It’s cute, SO comfortable and you can adjust the drawstring straps for desired coverage. It also pairs perfectly with any of the ATD bottoms.

What is your favorite trend in swimwear?

For me, I like timeless designs that I can wear year after year. Simple and flattering is the vibe I swoon towards. I’m not really a fan of the over-complicated swimsuit trend with lots of straps that would leave you looking like a zebra after a day of tanning

Your best tip to finding the perfect swimsuit:

With an ecommerce brand like AWAY THAT DAY, don’t be afraid to email the brand and ask for advice. If you are unsure on what size / style to buy, the people behind the brand will know the style that will suit you the best. I love it when I get emails asking advice on which pieces they should get based on their measurements. When a customer then orders a recommended swimsuit and emails me saying how amazing it fits / feels, I have done my job!

Ingemae's gift to you sweet readers:

Well, since you have made it this far - Here is a 15% discount code just for you gorgeous Face Mag readers! Just enter ‘THEFACEMAG15’ to receive 15% off your entire order on www.awaythatday.com.

Happy bikini shopping! x